S.F.P. Asset Management
Company Office

Asset Management

  • Asset management, Financial & Tax Advice

    • Wealth management
    • Expertise in all financial products
    • Risk control
    • Financial analysis
    • Access to a network of professional partners

    Our skills and the opportunities

    We offer you our investment strategy skills and our financial and wealth management expertise. We analyse the markets daily, anticipating the trends and seizing the best investment opportunities.

    Tracking your assets – on a daily basis

    Your portfolio is monitored actively and systematically taking account of market trends and risk control.

  • The custodian bank

    We can open an account with the bank most suited to your needs. Nevertheless you are free to keep or choose your bank.

    The type of account

    We choose together the type of account to be opened, according to your wishes and your personal and family situation.

    Direct contact

    By appointing our company you are guaranteed direct contact with the person in charge.